Food Safe Paper Liners & Wraps

Do you need a new and creative way to present your food? Look no further than these interesting newspaper wax-coated food basket liners. Presenting your food in our wax paper food basket liner takes the boring out of plain food liners and gives your customers something to focus on. The food basket liner is made with a special soy food-safe ink that does not seep into your food when your food is placed on it. These fast food basket liners are perfect for any restaurant, pub, deli, or food truck because they help prevent oil, sauces, and malt vinegar from seeping through ordinary basket liners and causing a mess. The food basket liners are also a hassle-free choice as you can pop it in a microwave to reheat your food without any damage caused. Whether cone-shaped or flat, these basket liners will always keep the conversation going.